Case Studies

Transportation System


The client has a system of transportations where managers and administrators manage and control orders from the clients manually. To optimize all the transportation processes and streamline management, the client addressed SP//DEV to develop a solution to automate operations. 


One of the client’s requirements was to create an automated system with the function of Google calendar. With this feature, managers can easily order a truck by date. 


  1. To make an automated system aimed at optimization of the internal workflows.

  2. To synchronize admins and drivers.

  3. To reduce CO2 emissions by 25%. 

  4. To create a B2B product and promote it to other businesses on the market.


  1. Calendar creation. We created an analog of Google calendar where the client could add all the details about the transportation and make any changes. In this calendar, managers can view the information on the client and the order. This milestone encompassed the following tasks:

  • Add all transportations and carries

  • Admin panel for all employees working in the company 

  • Allocate trucks and drivers

  • Create a platform for admins to assign managers, drivers, and trucks.

  1. Mobile app for drivers. We aimed to optimize the cooperation process between all team members. To simplify the admins’ workflows and involve drivers, we created a mobile app exclusively for drivers allowing them to monitor and manage their transportations synchronically anywhere and at any time. With this app, drivers can:

  • Accept or reject the order (according to their un/availability)

  • Note the completion state of delivery

  • Indicate current location

  • Attach the bill (in the app) after the delivery (to approve that the contract was closed)

  1. Logistics optimization. We developed a solution allowing managers and drivers to make transportation processes and logistics management more efficient and sustainable. For this purpose, we come up with logic to help the drivers reasonably distribute resources by precise route planning and eliminating downtime. We applied a system of accurate calculations that analyzed huge data sets and offered managers the best options. With this system, managers can assign drivers that are located nearby, which significantly impacts the time efficiency and carbon reduction.

  1. Data collection and statistics evaluation. We helped the client collect all the data and demonstrate the stats to other companies interested in the solution.