Case Studies

How SP//DEV helped the leading AV-over-IP company optimize the process of sound systems’ creation.

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The client addressed us to elaborate upon the tool allowing them to build sound interfaces for their users that simplify the selection of audio elements needed for the creation of complex sound systems. 

To deliver flawless audio for music tours, recording studios, concerts, corporate boardrooms, radio stations, universities, etc. audio and video connectivity requires high-level connections between microphones, mixers, processors, amplifiers, and speakers without noise barriers that can harm the quality of sound. Therefore, the client’s goal was to develop a system that could help users evaluate the necessary number of equipment items and model them easily and swiftly. 

Within 3 months, our specialists developed a great solution from scratch enabling the client to optimize their communication with their consumers - people working with music and audio. We prepared 2 options:  

Within 3 months, our specialists developed the solution from scratch enabling people involved in music/video activities accurately model equipment elements for their events. They had the possibility to: 

  • Select equipment and related audio elements from the ground up, and
  • Choose a ready-made template of basic AV environments that can be customized according to his needs. 

Of course, we had to deal with several difficulties throughout the development process. The main ones were: 

  • Hard-loaded interface ---> We involved UI/UX designers (to enhance usability) and target users to test the idea to get an intuitive interface for desktop and portable devices. 
  • Huge amount of data which decreased the websites’ efficiency ---> We optimized codes according to various environments by refactoring methods.