Case Studies

Scorecard marketing and sales platform to help businesses generate high-quality and high-converting leads.

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The request was a lead-generation platform to help businesses gain more clients, boost revenue, and systemize their marketing and sales processes by the generation of personalized leads that convert. The main requirement was to create a platform enabling clients to create branded scorecards to generate rich and comprehensive data that can be further used to better understand prospects and personalize their experience.  

We decided to move our clients’ vision forward and came up with a step-by-step plan on how to implement this product. We brainstormed ideas on the product’s functionality within our dev team based on the client’s preliminary research and marketing strategy. 


After careful consideration of the client’s requirements, we developed a lead-generation platform for companies to create scorecards that prospects can complete on the website and get a personalized report based on their provided answers. 

The collected information is transformed into rich data which clients can apply in their sales and marketing strategies and personalize experiences of their prospects turning them into converted leads. 

Our main tasks:

  • Build super-fast and easy-to-use platform allowing users to create personalized and attractive scorecards
  • Optimize scorecard performance
  • Facilitate seamless conversion of  leads into sales/customers


Our key goal was to create a platform based on the LAPS methodology to reach 10K paying customers for 3-5 years. Currently, we have elaborated upon the key milestones allowing us to develop the platform that has reached 1,000 paying customers. 

  1. We developed the lead-generation platform that allows users to add questions to scoring categories to easily deliver traffic light scores. 

Deliverables: dynamic content in the results pagequestion types, logic jumps, orders, opt-in.

  1. Created customers’ analytics identifying the origin of leads, their time on the page, their behaviors, the overall performance of landing pages.

Deliverables: score percentages, Google analytics integration, CRM integration, admin PDF reports.

  1. We created a question-page builder with ready-made templates to help users create branded landing pages with scorecards.

Deliverables: branding, custom domain, question-page builder, page designs.

  1. We created a reporting system that users can use to view the history of their lead movements at a glance, filter, and export other related metrics. 

Deliverables: analytics dashboards.