Case Studies

Recruitment Platform


The recruitment platform was required with a long-term perspective to help healthcare businesses find the best candidate for job offers and at the same time assist those who are looking for a job in the medical and dental industry. First, the requirement was to create a platform enabling healthcare doctors to create customized job offers and allowing candidates (medical assistants, dental secretaries, assistant managers, etc.) to submit their applications. 


The client addresses us with the design of the home page and the contact form. Our goal was to develop a website where healthcare practitioners could match with the best candidates without the need to manually check all the profiles. With that in mind, our developers implemented the admin side of the website where healthcare professionals looking for staff members could identify, assess, and select the candidates’ profiles according to their personal requirements. 

Our main tasks:

  • Create an easy-to-use recruitment platform

  • Help medical professionals match with their candidates with ease

  • Simplify the recruitment process via personalization

  • Streamline healthcare professionals’ search for the candidates.


In the process of website development, a client addressed us permanently to make additional functionalities to enhance the experience on the website and facilitate a fast, personalized, and high-level selection of the candidates. Therefore, we were engaged in the set of assignments provided by the client.  Here is what we have done:

  1. Implemented the main page and contact form with customized fields (2 weeks)

  2. Created an admin panel for the healthcare professionals allowing them to review all the profiles without being involved in the selection process. We built an admin panel where admins are responsible for profiles filtering and selection. On the basis of the selection of the best candidates, healthcare professionals conduct the final interview.  (1 month).

  3. Added customized features (2,5 months):

  • Attach candidates to each application in the admin panel

  • Customize WordPress admin according to the client’s vision for seamless navigation and easy filtering (add colors to be able to categorize profiles, add “favorites” feature, etc.)

  • Add feature “Export”

  • Create fields for notes

  • Location feature to be able to filter candidates within the required distance

  • Email templates

  • Feature to invite for an interview via Google calendar 

  • Call journal

  • Orders

Technologies used:

  • WordPress

  • PHP

  • JavaScript