Case Studies

Rally Fans Website


The client addressed the SP//Dev team to create the website for rally fans. The main aim was to integrate video recordings from a special camera located on each driver’s car and implement an interactive video page. 


Once we reviewed the client’s requirements, we started to develop a website divided into several sections: news, events, blog posts, and videos. 

The website’s primary goal lied in creating the page where rally fans could see a detailed driver’s route and move along it via map and coordinates. 

For this purpose, we implemented the functionality allowing us to combine and integrate three data streams from the driver's camera: route recording, recording from the driver’s perspective, recording of the coordinates/car location. 

Based on the map references (coordinates of car location), this function allows rally fans to draw the route and see the driver’s movement in detail. Such an interactive function helps fans be engaged fully in the rally and see the process from the driver’s perspective.  


  • Video integration

  • Chat

  • Interactive video function

  • The website with news and events


  1. News page about the events

  2. Video section with filtering option

  3. Blog posts (tags, filtering, search)

  4. Main page with events

  5. Interactive video page. Car drivers provided videotapes from their rally to the website. Our team scanned them and transformed them into interactive videos where rally fans were able to move interactively on the map according to map references and view the whole route of the driver with specific details. 

Technology Stack

PHP, Laravel framework