Case Studies

Management Control System

Main Idea

Creation of a consolidated system to efficiently manage and control business processes. Previously, the client had created 4 SEO-friendly e-commerce websites that were top-ranked in Google; they had separate databases containing numerous data points. However, considering that these data sets were positioned as data silos stored in a standalone system, it was hard for all company team members to assess and use the data efficiently. 


After careful consideration of the business goals, we implemented a management control system. 


  • Collect data from 4 databases

  • Create an Accounting management solution

  • Create a supply chain management system

  • Create a solution to manage logistics

  • Help streamline product management 

  • Allocate resources

  • Develop a payment system

  • Develop a tracking system

  • Create profiles for call center employees - to calculate sales and estimate the efficiency ratio. 


  1. Data retrieval. We created an admin panel to retrieve data from each e-commerce website. 

  2. Data filtering. We created a function to be able to filter data by general products in order to get the data from different websites. 

  3. Accounting management. With this function, bookkeepers were able to calculate incomes and according to orders by date. 

  4. Supply chain and logistics management. Managers could manage and control delivery and logistics statuses. Bookkeepers were able to see all the transactions and control them accordingly.

  5. Expenditures on personnel. With this function, bookkeepers could manage payments for employees and calculate the percentage from sales. 

  6. Product management. We created this function for admins to be able to change descriptions, costs for products, discounts, and other related details. 

  7. Users’ roles and their allocation. With resource allocation, each department member has individual access to their panels. 

  8. Tracking system. This system aimed to monitor and track all the changes performed by employees to have a holistic view of the history. 

  9. Download documents.

Technology Stack