Case Studies

Football portal to visualize stats and analytics of the world’s best football players and events.

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The client's team required a user-friendly portal - a website where football fans may keep track of detailed statistics of the world’s best team players and matches. The project was started from scratch. The client had access to a database with millions of data points and processed them. However, this data was unreadable and not accessible to the end-user.

Therefore, the client addressed us to make a user-friendly look of the data to end-users. Based on the numbers, figures, and other code-based elements we had to transform based-on-fact data into the fully functional website and visualize all the data provided by the client. 

Furthermore, one more requirement referred to coming up with an idea of how to help users share their comments and feedback. 


Once all the data were processed, we started to build a website with seamless UX to help football fans create their community there. On the website, users can compare football players and teams, see football-related stats and rankings, predictions, and relevant pre-match analysis based on the 1vs1 algorithm. 

Our aim was to elaborate upon the solution both for football players and fans and those who place bets and track stats. For this purpose, we developed a framework of subscriptions. 

Our main tasks 

  • Build a website to help users find out detailed information about the latest football matches, players, and track their results. 
  • Create visual stats in an accessible format for a user: graphs, schemes, diagrams.
  • Create an interactive football field where a user could watch a specific match and see detailed movements of players (when and where the goal was scored, at what distance, etc. )
  • Create a personal football players’ page with achievements, results, and rankings.


  1. We created UI/UX design and realized the front-end part in order to optimize the website and prevent it from being overloaded by massive information flows. 
  2. Created graphs, schemes with all necessary statistics and analytics. 
  3. Developed a solution where football matches were presented visually in the form of an interactive field that would interact with a user with all possible details.


With the massive amount of unstructured data obtained from the client, we needed to work out a solution allowing us to provide the website content in a qualitative, user-friendly, and accurate manner. Also, we had to optimize this data not only for stationary computers, but laptops, mobile devices, and tablets. 

The project has successfully been developed acquiring a solid fan base. 


2 years  - product development

6 months - maintenance and technical SEO optimization. 

The technology stack used

  • Server-side technology:

PHP framework Laravel, MySQL database

  • Client-side technology:

Vue.js, SVG.js, JavaScript