Case Studies

Discount Platform


The client required a discount website allowing users to select and buy discount packages in the partnered establishments according to their needs. 


We developed a discount platform for people looking for offers in various establishments. The platform allows them to filter their search and view available offers on the map.

Our main tasks:

1. Created 3 types of offer packages.

2. Developed a map with the detailed categorization of the search fields (regions, cities, types of establishments, etc.

3. Created the personal cabinet with all related information on the purchased offer where users can view their available discounts and their status. Once they get the discount on their email - they can pay in the institution by QR code.

4. Built a website.  

Technologies used: 

  • Google maps platform(Javascript API, markerclusterer)

  • PHP(PhpSpreadsheet, mPDF, mPDF QR)

  • Javascript (Axios, qrious, qs, OwlCarousel2, selectric)

  • Stripe

  • SCSS