Case Studies

Dental Advertisement Portal


The client addressed the SP//Dev team to create a professional space for dentists with the possibility to create advertisements aimed at searching replacements and assistants. 


Once the client’s requirements were reviewed, we started to develop the website divided into three parts. One part is geared exclusively to help professional dentists manage their own space and workflow; the second one is aimed at informing patients, and the third part is intended to help dental assistants apply for available offers. 

  1. For healthcare professionals - only registered dentists have their own cabinet where they can manage their own ads and view ads from their colleagues. 

  2. For dental assistants - those looking for a job can find all the details about the vacancy and contact the dentist for further cooperation. 

  3. For patients - all necessary information regarding dental treatment and appointments is located on the website for everyone.


We elaborated upon the advertisement functionality allowing dentists to find an appropriate announcement or create their own one. Once doctors are registered, they can manage their ads and sort them out by territory. 

Our main tasks:

  1. Developed a page with ads divided into 5 categories:

  • Assistants
  • Dental clinic

  • Collaboration

  • Replacements

  • Dental equipment

2. Developed a contact form for creating an ad for a user.

3. Created an admin panel for the on-call list. Via automated generator, candidates are split into categories by day. This function can be set up in such a way that the on-call lists will be generated automatically annually.

4. Based on the on-call lists, we developed an interactive map for users to have a visual representation of available persons with the possibility to filter them by region. 

Technologies used:

  • WordPress

  • Php

  • JS

  • MySQL