Career in SP//DEV

Strong Middle React.js developer

Our teammate needs to meet the next requirements:

• 3+ years
of relevant working experience with React.js;

• knowledge of web markup, including HTML5, CSS3;

• knowledge of SASS/SCSS preprocessors .

• proven React.js (including hooks) knowledge;

• proficiency with ES6+, TypeScript;

• knowledge of project configuration (cra, webpack, eslint, prettier,

• experience with at least one of famous UI library (Material-UI, Semantic
UI, Ant Design etc.);

• excellent knowledge of redux (one of: rtk, saga, easy-peasy),

• experience with form libraries (such as final-form, formik etc.),
client-server communication (axios, fetch etc.);

• development principles such as SOLID, DRY, KISS etc.;

• understanding RESTfull API;

• experience with VCS (Git + GitFlow);

• experience of writing unit tests (jest, mocha, enzyme);

• at least intermediate level of English (spoken and written);

• ability to write pure, readable, expandable code;

• ability to work independently, and as a team member.

Nice to have:

• familiarity with such packages as i18next, react-intl, lodash, moment,
D3.js etc.;

• experience with CSS in JS, animation libraries,, PWA, SSR;

• experience with GraphQL;

• basic knowledge of Node.js or Laravel;

What do we offer:

• competitive fixed salary;

• minimum of bureaucracy;

• opportunity to work in autonomy and skilled teams;

• accounting support; • corporative English classes at the office;

• 7- hours working day;

• paid vacation of 24 working days.

What you will do:

• write high quality, maintainable code;

• develop functionality according to the project requirements;

• participate in project meetings.

About project:

We are looking for a long term
partner-developer. So we provide a fixed salary in spite
of your engagement in projects. Working with us you’ve got
a good opportunity to improve your technical expertise and
communicate with the English-speaking team,

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